10 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues.

1.  Sun lamp or light box

Getting 30 minutes of exposure to a sun lamp or light box can be very effective during the winter months when there is very little sunshine. These lights can help prevent SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and regulate your circadian rhythm, meaning you may experience less depression and get a better nights sleep!

 2. Get outside

Ahh fresh air… there’s nothing like it! Most winters we are cooped up inside all day and lacking fresh air and connection to nature. Try finding a good walking trail on a sunny day or quick lap around the block, taking deep breaths in along the way. Nature can be very grounding and energizing so get out there and touch as much nature as you can. Don’t forget to layer up and grab those mittens!

3. Healthy fats

Find foods that can boost neurotransmitters and make you feel better like dark leafy greens, chia seeds, olive oil, wild caught salmon and a high quality fish oil. Look for a new recipe to try this weekend that incorporates healthy fats and lots of color from vegetables.

4. Plan a party

What’s better than a party with your closest friends? Instead of binge watching yet another show on Netflix, opt for a party on Friday night instead! Planning a party will keep you occupied and excited instead of dreading the weather all week. The winter is the perfect time for parties for award season, super bowl, game night or a decade themed gathering!

5. Address nutritional deficiencies

Vitamin D and Magnesium are two of the most common deficiencies we see with our patients. Magnesium alone is responsible for over 350 processes in the body and Vitamin D is essential for bone health, weight management and can help fight depression. Make a consultation with one of our doctors to discover if these nutritional deficiencies could be causing your biggest health concerns.

6. Embrace more sleep

Our ancestors spent most of their time outside in the warmer months and used the winter to slow down and get extra hours of sleep. Sleep is when your body heals and repairs itself which is why it is crucial to get as much high quality sleep as possible. Use these months to get a couple extra hours of sleep in, most likely you aren’t getting enough right now! Start by creating a great night time routine that gets you relaxed and prepared for a restful night.

7. Exercise

What’s the fastest way to a better mood? Exercise! Don’t get stuck in the winter rut instead, try a new fitness class or simple office chair exercises. Getting in 20-30 minutes of exercise each day has been shown to have the same effect as antidepressants, increases mental clarity and promotes better sleep.

8. Declutter

Who says spring cleaning has to wait until spring? Do it now so your whole house feels brighter and more organized. During a cold and snowy weekend spend a few hours cleaning out that old closet! You will thank yourself when you’re done. Make Marie Kondo proud!

9. Vacation..or better yet a staycation

Sometimes all you need is a little TLC or spa day, am I right? If you have a couple vacation days saved up use them on a quick trip somewhere sunny or save the flight and book a hotel in the town over to get away for the weekend! Get yourself a new dress and make it a girls night out for some extra fun.

10. Seek conversation

Most of the winter we are cooped up with shorter days and less social time but make those coffee dates a priority! It can be good for the soul to have a deep, meaningful conversation with someone or look to a mentor to create new goals for your future. Too snowy to leave the house? Listen to a funny podcast or face-time an old friend!

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